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Egyptian-Style Belly Dance and RakasaFit Core Fitness Belly Dance
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Embrace your inner goddess and learn the art of belly dance. Gain conficence and learn to love your body while isolating and undulating to the rhythms and beats of Middle Eastern music. All ages, shapes and sizes are encourged to learn in a comfortable and supportive environment.

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Belly dance and core fitness merge into RakasaFit, a fun and challenging 50-60 minute workout to invigorating Middle Eastern remixes, engaging the deep core fitness that naturally exists in belly dance! RakasaFit™ is a core fitness program encompassing belly dance with strength building cardio into one invigorating and rejuvenating workout -- a truly feminine form of training that supports all levels for improved stamina, stability, range of motion, technique, posture, physical expression, and strength in all activities!

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